Connected the Musical 

by Kathryn Denney

"Gabriel's story is current and relevant. We need to hear these voices and their stories, NOW!"

--David from Massachusetts 

Welcome to the Official Website for Connected, The Musical! 

Connected is an energetic, contemporary musical about everyday people going through big life challenges. 

- a young person realizes his true gender identity

- a wife finds the courage to leave an abusive marriage 

- a teen works toward her mental health 

- characters wade the waters of social media, the support and obstacles of the internet. 

Is the connection they all find in each other, and through the web, enough? 

Don't expect a love story, but do expect love. 

"The music was phenomenal! This is an important work. I was moved to tears."

--Barbara from Washington

To rent the rights for the full production, 

the performance tracks or the high school edition, please contact

Stay tuned for information about our Soundtrack, and the creation of the Performance Tracks that can be used in community theater and school productions.