Upcoming Events


Coming to Dramatically Incorrect at the Chelmsford Center For the Arts

June 21 at 7:30, June 22 at 7:30 and June 23 at 2 PM

Directed by Mic Godin

Music Directed by Katie Fitzpatrick

Choreographed by Paul Gymziak

Cast list:

Link:      Melinda Beliveau

Megan Foster:    Lauren Barry

Abby Robbins:       Kayleigh MacFarland

Jeremy Robbins:      Alex Slocum

Helen Corelli:     Lydia Hojnaki

Gabriel Corelli:   Jack Newton

Amber Wilde:    Esmerelda DeJesus

Liz Robbins:  Izzy Celata

Brooke Foster:   Sammi Soprano

Chase Robbins:     Ella Kenison

Derek Johnson:    TBD

Future Gabriel:    Steven Lambert

Internet troll:    Beverly Marzioli

Jason:     McKenzie Indorato

Veronica: Michelle Faith

Julie: Chandra Beth Goulston

Aerobics Instructor/Ensemble: Olivia Pangraze

Tickets can be purchased at https://ditgdc.ticketleap.com/connected/

 Past Events: 

Sunday, October 15, 2023 

First Parish Church of Stow and Acton

The service included music and readings about the themes of Connected. 

The choir sang music from Connected, including Bursting with Pride, 

You're Gonna Fly and My Pride and Joy.  

 Thalia Hyland read "When Aidan Became a Brother," and Kathryn Denney delivered the sermon.

Guest speakers Thalia Hyland and Kathryn Denney shared thoughts on how to promote authenticity and being a great ally. 

 Thursday, August 17, 2023 

Portland, Oregon

Semi-staged, on-book readthrough

Reactions from our Portland, Oregon audience:

"This performance was AMAZING! The music was phenomenal. This is an important work. I was moved to tears."

Barbara from Washington 

"The show is timely and moving. I enjoyed it very much, and I hope you can find a Portland theater to take it on!"

Cameron from Portland

"I met the talented playwright and the Connected cast at their Portland reading... highly recommend this...it was an energized evening!"

Dianna from Washington

Our two Gabriels, with one of the most appreciative audience members! Ambrose and Teague did an incredible rendition of Listen to the Calling, and performed brilliantly during the rest of the show as well. 

Portland, Oregon Cast:

Link:      Lianna Denney

Megan Foster:    Pam Policastri

Abby Robbins:       Beth Purcell

Jeremy Robbins:      Bryce Denney

Helen Corelli:     Kathryn Denney

Gabriel Corelli:   Ambrose Lichtenstein

Amber Wilde:    Alexis Read

Liz Robbins:  Caroline Roper

Brooke Foster:   Amanda Denney

Chase Robbins:     Ella Higgins

Derek Johnson:    Alexis Read

Future Gabriel:    Teague Shattuck

Internet troll:    Amanda Denney

Jason:     Ella Higgins

Veronica and Julie:    Siobhan Nickerson-Farr

Narrator: Greg Stackhouse

April 8, 2023

Acton, Massachusetts

Semi-staged, on-book readthrough

in the building of Theatre III

Photos by Lianna Denney

Pianist, Ed Rosser

Link: Wendy Linden

Megan Foster: Janet Pohli

Abby Robbins: Sara Delong

Jeremy Robbins: Jim Hunt

Helen Corelli: Karen Bishop

Gabriel Corelli: Romy Stacey

Amber Wilde: Thalia Hyland

Liz Robbins: Amanda Casale

Brooke Foster: Julia Silva

Chase Robbins: Julia Yi

Future Gabriel: Kai Fay

Derek: Zachary Powell


Jason: Abigail Curran

Troll: Jon Linden

Veronica: Tiana Brote

Julie: Stephanie Turner

Mrs. Wilde: Ruth Bendig

Suzie: Sylvie Glosband

Bryce Denney

Randy Divinski

Mike Lague

Larry Millner

Amy Morton

Debra Swartz

Audience reactions:


--Jay from Grafton

What a great story! I really want my child (they/them) to see it, so please let me know when the next performance will be!

-- Liz from  Harvard

I'm definitely going to stay connected with Connected! 

--Damon from Littleton

The actors were tremendous, and I think we spent all evening talking through how the story builds.

-- James from Stow

I feel so close to Abby's story.

 -- Sara from Arlington

Helen's last song had me in tears.

 --Pat from Concord