Upcoming Events

April 8, 2023 at 4 PM

On Saturday, April 8, a fantastic cast will present an on-book reading of the revised script. This stellar lineup of actors with beautiful voices will be telling the new story in their best, most passionate voices. Don't miss the chance to see the show, experience the revisions, and witness the brilliant performances of these wonderful musicians. 

Semi-staged read through

250 Central Street, Acton, MA, in the building of Theatre III

Pianist, Ed Rosser

Principals: Ensemble:

Janet Pohli (Megan) Jon Linden

Sara Delong (Abby) Randy Divinski

Jim Hunt (Jeremy) Stephanie Turner

Karen Bishop (Helen) Tiana Brote

Romy Stacey (Gabriel) Becky Robichaud

Thalia Hyland (Amber) Amy Morton

Wendy Linden (Link) Bryce Denney

Amanda Casale (Liz) Debra Swartz

Sabrina Collins (Brooke) Ruth Bendig

Julia Yi (Chase) Sylvie Glosband

Kai Fay (Future Gabriel) Lillian Western

Abigail Curran (Jason) Mike Lague

Zachary Powell (Derek)


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